This website was originally started as an initiative to connect Sainthwar-Malla-Rajput (Samaj) population, originating from Gorakhpur and adjoining regions, it soon shaped into an initiative which aimed for the betterment of Samaj population. The initiative, within few years, led to formation of a community based Trust, known as Sainthwar-Mall-Rajput Trust, whose aim was to provide non-political platform to tis community population on which they can collectively work together for the upliftment of society and eradication of social evils. 

SMR Trust, over a period of next few years, aimed to expand its reformative and charitable activities beyond Sangh population  and therefore contributing in a small way to Nation building. Trust cordially invites every member of Samaj population to join the Trust website with his/her strong devotion towards upliftment of community and nation building.